It is the small simple things of life that bring us peace.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wildseed Farm

Today we made a trip to the Wildseed Farm, Jaydon's second favorite place to visit. He was so excited on the way there, chattering away about past visits and the things we had seen and done, including his fall into the cactus patch 2 years ago! I have a feeling this picture will become one of my favorites. I wanted to stop somewhere and make his picture in a patch of bluebonnets but there wasn't a place to do so, mainly because the wildflowers seemed to dwindle as we journeyed north. I told Jaydon that we were probably about two weeks ahead of the crop. So we made several pictures at the Wildseed Farm instead.

It was a beautiful day, but became warm after about 1 o'clock. We took a picnic lunch and enjoyed sitting outside eating and listening to the large wind chime and a little jazz ensemble that started to play while we ate. At first Jaydon was sitting across the table from me, but after I finished eating he just got up and came over and sat down in the chair with me. So we moved his food and drink over with me and we snuggled together while he ate. It was a simple thing, but something that gave both of us a warm, peaceful feeling.

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