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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Lillies of the Field

As I travelled down the access road this morning, preparing to merge onto the freeway, I glanced over to check the traffic flow and as I saw the wildflowers growing between the access road and the freeway I thought of the verses in Matthew 6 where Jesus talks about the lilies of the field that neither toil nor spin but are clothed more resplendently than King Solomon ever was.

Last Friday as I drove to pick up the pups I enjoyed the beautiful crop of Texas wildflowers we are having this spring. Since we actually had rain in the fall (significant rain) we are now enjoying a fairly decent showing of spring flowers, something we missed for several years due to drought. Along the highway the bluebonnets were showing in clusters, although not in massive quantities. But what caught my attention were the fields that were solid blue. I saw people stopping to make pictures, especially in one spot where there was a pond and horses grazing in the field of blue. No, King Solomon couldn't top that! (And on a side note I don't think he could outdo the azaleas I saw in Louisiana either!)

So as I drove to work I marvelled that the seeds for all the different flowers had laid dormant, buried in the dry, parched, hard as nails dirt for a year or more. But when the life giving rain came at just the right season, the seeds rejuvenated and started the process over of forming a tiny plant that would burst into bloom in the spring. And, what fascinates me even more...this plant will wither and die in a few weeks. But if left alone and uncut will produce seeds that will wait in the ground for the fall rains.
The verses in Matthew just after the comment about the lilies of the field remind us not to worry, but to seek the kingdom of God and just focus on today. The wildflowers are beautiful right now, but they will fade and in time be cut down. The cycle will repeat itself again when the seeds are dropped. But we are God's ultimate creation. We are more to him than the flowers of the field; we are his children, our needs are supplied by him and we feel his love all the days of our lives. Matthew 7:25-34

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