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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Seasons, Creation and Cotton Candy Clouds

Ahh!  The cool mornings, warm afternoons with big blue skies have arrived.  The heat of summer is over and now it really feels appropriate to put out the pumpkins.  I marvel at the changing of the seasons, even though as mentioned before and much lamented by this writer we do not really have seasons here, but I do love what we have.

As I was driving home I couldn't help but think about how perfectly everything in nature works together.  I can not believe that our world just happened.  Yes, I can see how things evolve but really, all this just worked its way together?  No way!  There had  to be a higher power, with knowledge far greater than we can imagine, that put the start of the world in place.  Maybe God was done in a few days or years or centuries, but the creation of the universe and our planet was done thoughtfully, carefully, perfectly.

There was a song (in the '70's) called Master Designer.  I can't remember what musical it was from but it doesn't matter.  I loved the lyrircs:

Cotton candy clouds, so fluffy and white,
Who put you there in a sky of deep blue?
Or do you just happen to float along,
Pretty and white in a sky so blue, so blue, sky so blue?

Tall mountain, deep valley, fast river, cool stream,
Show grandeur and majesty in some grand scheme
All of these wonders that we behold,
Are only a part – it cannot be told, be told, cannot be told.

Master Designer, Whoever You are,
All of this beauty both near and afar
Can’t just have happened, the odds are too great,
There must be a plan, we’re not left to fate, to fate, not left to fate.

All of this beauty is far too convincing
Master Designer, Your word must be true,
Of all Your creations man is the dearest
Help me to simply believe now in You, in you,
Believe in You.

(Thanks to the internet for helping me remember all the lyrics and the composer, Kurt Kaiser.)


  1. I had this song in my head and have been looking online and asking if anyone remembers it. I have the song book somewhere at mama's. We sang this in our group of teenager at church in the 70's. I'm so glad I found someone else who remembers it! :)

  2. Yes, n the 70's I led a small group of children in presenting this beautiful song. Do you know where I can Obtain sheet music, or the piano notes for it?

    1. I may be answering too late, but Master Designer was published in the very popular Sing 'N' Celebrate song book by Word Press in 1971. Copies of it can be purchased through Amazon.

  3. I believe it's from the musical, "Tell It Like It Is."