It is the small simple things of life that bring us peace.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

2 Small Things

No, on second thought this title isn't correct. It should read 2 Small Dogs or really it is 2 Small Babies.

This is Blossom and Sawyer and they are the newest additions to my household. I made a quick trip to Louisiana this weekend to pick them up and spent today just lovin' em. They are 8 weeks old, so they really are babies and they are just precious! They are miniature long haired dachshunds and are supposed to weigh 7-9 pounds when grown, but Mama and Papa looked larger to me. It doesn't really matter as they will make wonderful companions.

They were really good on the way home, only crying a little bit once or twice. And, after crying for a few minutes Saturday night, settled down and were very quiet their first night home. I'm sure it helped to have them together. Today they met their extended family and charmed everyone! Jaydon was so good with them, very careful and gentle and he followed all our instructions. Cameron was fascinated with them, even as young as he is. They are litter mates, but have distinct and different personalities already. It will be fun to watch them grow up, but I'm ready for housebreaking to be over (my house stinks, pee-u).

The cats have been hiding under the bed all day, but their curiosity just got the best of them. While the pups were napping (in my lap of course!) Baxter and Shadow came in and checked them out. I'm sure that after the pups settle down the cats will be like, oh well another animal no big deal!

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