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Friday, April 30, 2010

Pool's Open-TV is off!

I'm more sure than ever that parents need to turn off their televisions more and take away the games, too. I can prove it!
Most Friday nights are Gammy nights. This means that I pick Jaydon up from his after school program and he spends the night with me. Stephanie usually picks him up around noon on Saturday. Sometimes we do something, and sometimes we just hang out. During the winter we fell into the habit of picking up some fast food and coming home to crash in front of the tv (usually with Cartoon Network). But tonight was different, as we welcomed back the summer nights we enjoy.
After I watered the plants, Jaydon started playing in the water. First he had a bucket he filled with water and before long the pool was coming out of the garage. I caught the quick picture above as he made his first "dive" into the pool. So, the pool is officially open.
We played outside until almost dark. I can't think of a better way to end the day than to play outside until dark. I did it as a child, my children did it, and now Jaydon is doing it. Much better than any cartoon, much better than any computer/electronic game. Let's turn off the television and play outside until dark!

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