It is the small simple things of life that bring us peace.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Digital or Paper?

We have a local grocery store that asks if you want paper or plastic bags when you check out. Since it is a specialty store I usually buy just a few items and will ask for the paper bag.  It has a little paper handle and I feel special walking out of the store with the old-fashioned paper bag.  Plus, they are reusable for many things.

The choice isn't quite so easy when it comes to digital or paper books.  Do I want to read digital books or paper?  That is the question.  I've always loved books and reading.  I don't think I was ever with out a library book or two in my little satchel once I learned to read.   The world opened up before me when I opened a book. I discovered Nancy Drew right after we moved to Alaska, just before I started fourth grade; that opened a whole new chapter in reading for me, the novel.  I love libraries as much as I love reading.  Rows and rows of books, ahhhhh.

With the introduction of the e-reader I was excited.  I couldn't imagine being any happier than having an entire library to carry in around in a small flat device.  I didn't order one of the first versions of the Kindle, wisely waiting for an improved version that cost less.  When the day arrived and mine was delivered, I was thrilled when I turned it on and it welcomed me, by name.  I quickly loaded it up with books to read, some new and some old favorites that I wanted to have just in case I wanted to re-read one day.  Book shopping was easy, fun and quick.  It was great when I travelled since it was small, light, and always full of something to read (no buying books in the airport shop for me anymore). 

The problem started when I put a non-fiction book on it.  It was a photography book about exposure.  I started reading, but then realized that I needed to flip back and forth to different pages as I used the camera in conjunction with the book.  Finally, I just bought the paperback version of the book.  I then realized what beautiful color pictures the book had and realized that the Kindle version didn't do the author justice.  I later put another non-fiction book that was a workbook type book on the Kindle and had the same problem with trying to go back to an earlier part; sad to say, I ended up buying a paper version of this one, too. 

Next problem was similar.  As I read I flip back and forth a lot.  Who was that character?  What was it that happened to so-and-so?  I also read ahead, too.  If the book is boring I'll flip through and get an idea of what it is about and then decide if I want to continue reading.  I also read ahead if the book is just too intense and I have to know what happens!  I discovered that it just isn't easy to flip back or go forward a few pages. I had also put a copy of the Bible on it and had the hardest time trying to go to a specific book, chapter and verse quickly. (Just a note that eBible on my phone does not have the same difficulty, so this may just be in my version of Kindle).

The last gripe I have is that some texts have typos and/or missing text.  Sorry, but in the professional publishing world there is no excuse for that.  

Digital or paper? While the Kindle is convenient and I wouldn't give it up I will limit what I put on there.  Only fiction and only something that I want to read for enjoyment, maybe while travelling.   I just love those rows of books on a shelf, waiting to be chosen to be read.  I like the feel of the paper pages as I turn them, back and forth, forward and back.  I like to be able to jot notes in the margins and underline significant passages, too.  While the digital is nice, I think I do prefer the paper, just like the paper bags from the store!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Finally, it's fall!

Sometime tomorrow it will officially be fall.  Yippee and hip hip hooray, I say!  And, today it actually felt like fall.  This past week we had some rain and cooler days; this morning the temperature was noticeably cooler and I could feel the change.  The air was different and the sky seemed to have that brilliant blue that comes with fall weather.  It was enjoyable to do yard work today since it was just a little warm.  Oh, we'll have some more days of warm weather.  I'll wear shorts and sandals for another month or so.  And, the air conditioner will continue to run.  But I feel fall in the air, finally!

Pumpkins in the store!

Remember the story about the 5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate?  Here they are, just waiting for Halloween!  And see the little witch on the right just above the mums?  She's in the story, too.This little display reminded me of my last trip to New England when pumpkins and mums were everywhere.  Now I'm ready to decorate!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

How do you measure small?

It is easy to measure small, just use the keys of the piano! 

This it Tot, Jaydon and Stephanie's new baby.  He is six weeks old and measures from B flat to F sharp!