It is the small simple things of life that bring us peace.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Watching It Rain

The last few days we've had some much needed rain. I love the rain, just love it. And I love to watch it rain. Does that sound strange? Not if you grew up spending your summers in Mississippi, sitting under the carport snapping beans or shelling peas while an afternoon rain shower passed over. Or lay in bed scared to death while a southern style "electrical storm" (as my grandparents called them) made more noise than a child could handle, not to mention the flashing lightening! I remember on several occasions sitting in our garage, with the door open, with my father and siblings, just sitting there watching it rain. And I remember the morning after coming home from my father's funeral as I walked into the living room that it began to rain (there was no rain in the forecast) and as I enjoyed the rainy morning I wondered, hmmm, did Daddy have anything to do with sending the rain that day? One evening as Jaydon and I enjoyed a Friday evening playing outside it began to rain and guess what...I let him play in the rain. He had such a good time and it was such a simple thing, playing in the rain while I watched him and the rain.

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