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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Think of Five Things

I usually have some type of calendar or day planner every year. Most of them will have a daily or weekly thought or quote. Honestly, I usually glance at the thought and think, "oh, that's nice, whatever" and go on. But every now and then one will catch my eye. Several years ago there was one from a well known talk show hostess, who I will not name here, that stated something to the effect that she keeps a grateful journal and each day writes down five things for which she is grateful. So I decided that instead of writing them down that each night before going to sleep I would think of five things for which I was thankful God had given me. I was amazed that when I rested my mind and directed my concentration on thinking of things I was thankful for that my thoughts just overflowed. In fact, usually as I drifted off I was creating major categories with subcategories for the many things for which I thanked God. (Reminds me of the song by Irving Berlin about counting your blessings instead of sheep).

I have found that sometimes when I'm frazzled, tired, or whining to myself about something that I can say, "quick, think of five things you are thankful for right now" and my mood will instantly change. It is also a great way to begin a conversation with God, especially if you are having a hard time getting the conversation started. And, amazingly the list will always extend beyond just five things.

So, here are five things I'm thankful for tonight:

  1. Oak season is over and I feel so much better, even though all the messy pollen is still over most of my yard.
  2. Time this evening to sit outside with the pups and watch them play. It was a quiet, simple time with them.
  3. Having a family to love.
  4. Chips & Salsa
  5. Quilt blocks lined up on the design wall, waiting to be sewn together.

Well, that is the first five things, my list will go on for a while.

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