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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Just a Post

Finally, this dreadful August is over!  I thought September would never come, but now that it is here I know that it is still very hot and very dry outside.  This August beat the August of 2009 for the hottest August on record, whoopee I say.  I just don't think the drought will ever end, I'm sick of it and would happily leave this desert if my life wasn't here.  But instead of whining I decided to do a "5 things" post since I haven't done one in a while.  So here goes:

5 Things I'm Thankful for Tonight

1-Finishing my assigned reading for the week, now I can start on the paper and speech that is due!
2-"Homemade" ranch dressing on the wrap that I made for my supper.  Yum!
3-A hot bath (and comfy pj's!) after being outside in the heat tonight.  Clean feels so good!
4-Four warm little dogs (and one kittie that wandered over) snuggled around me on the sofa. 
5-That it is the Thursday night before the Friday before a long weekend!  Thank you Lord!

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