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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

What a blessed day! Church in the morning, followed by a potluck lunch at church, then home for Easter Egg hunting and a dessert (Hummingbird cake) and family time.

Our scripture at church this morning was John 20 which focuses on Mary Magdalene. I've always been fascinated with her and was glad to hear it read this morning. She is mentioned 14 times in the New Testament, and we know that Jesus healed her of seven evil demon spirits. She was one of the devoted women that followed Jesus and the disciples around on their travels. Now, yes, our society has tried to make more of this relationship (i.e. Jesus Christ Superstar and the Da Vinci Code) but I really can't believe that there is any truth to those stories.

I've always thought it amazing that Jesus first appeared to her, a woman, rather than to the disciples, the men. But I think Jesus choose her because he knew her heart and that her love for him as her Saviour was true. I also think that he knew how her heart was breaking as she came to the tomb with the other women that morning to prepare his body for a final goodbye. And, he knew she would tell the others that she had seen the risen Lord, just as he told her to do.
I'm glad we know the end of the story and that we are Easter people. He is alive, He is Risen, Rejoice!

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