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Friday, April 2, 2010

Botanical Garden

When Jaydon recently told me this was his favorite place to go I didn't hesitate to renew my season pass! It really didn't surprise me when he told me because he has always enjoyed the Garden, especially during their Fiesta event and other special events. The first time I took him he was just a baby, I had to prop him up in the stroller since he wasn't big enough to really sit in it. Today we had the opportunity to take Cameron for his first visit, and I have a feeling he will someday feel the same as Jaydon. He loved every minute of the time we were there and thoroughly enjoyed himself. Jaydon did a great job with the stroller, even learning to go up and down short flights of stairs. How wonderful to be able to share something that I enjoy with my grandsons, and even more wonderful to know that they enjoy those same things.

Often I've wondered about the memories I'm creating for Jaydon (and soon for Cam). Of all the things we do together what will he remember? And will his memories of our times together be as cherished as mine are of the times I spent with my grandparents? I certainly hope so.

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