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Monday, May 11, 2015

Look up

On one side of my house is a ligustrum tree that came up "volunteer" probably as an offshoot of my neighbor's tree.  I let it grow since it does provide much needed shade in that location.  But I've always thought of ligustrums as a weed type tree and never gave it any thought.  Until tonight.

I was messing with the weed eater and as I stood up I just happened to look up.  Lo and behold this tree was covered in delicate, lacey blooms!  I really need to look up a little more as I had totally missed this.  What else have I missed?

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  1. I had to laugh when I saw this. This "weed tree" (I think that is a great description!) is what is on the corner of our driveway. Every spring it would be filled with bees because it was filled with those blossoms. While they are pretty, Randy and J don't do bees. A couple of years ago, the ice storm took out most of it and it is lying on it's side with only one small branch still alive...and covered in those lacy blooms...and bees. :)