It is the small simple things of life that bring us peace.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Creek's Up!

On Thursday afternoon I headed out to spend a night in a B&B in Comfort, Texas.  Since I travel part of the way to Comfort every week day I decided to take a different route and choose a small 2-lane highway that I had never travelled before.  I was really glad I was driving and not in the back seat as it was a twisting, climbing, plunging roller coaster of a road!  But my choice was not without rewards.  Not only did I explore a new road, I saw the Texas Hill Country at its finest!

The recent rains have not only brought green life to the hills, but also it has brought the creeks up from almost dormant to overflowing.  There is nothing lovelier than the Hill Country creeks when they are flowing.  Unfortunately I was not rewarded with photo opportunities as there is no place to stop along the road.  I knew better than to pull into the grass that grew right up to the road - I was wearing sandals and didn't want to meet a snake and I knew how wet the ground had to be and didn't want to describe to someone where I was so they could come pull me out of the mud!

But this one creek was pretty good size and had a nice bridge over it.  I pulled over onto a bare spot that looked dry enough and walked back to get pictures.  Prior to the rains this was probably just a small trickle falling over the dam. 
The downstream view was so peaceful with the water running under the bridge and forming soft rapids before continuing on its way.  We've had more rain since Thursday and last night's storm was fierce with heavy rain.  I thought about this road and all the little creeks when they announced that TXDot was telling people to avoid travel in this county and several others.  When the rain comes down, the creeks come up!


  1. Beth, just popped on to your blog and I'm not sure that I've been here before. I sure hope you are ok. So much flooding in your area yesterday!!

    1. Thank you for popping in and for your kind wishes! Our weather has been very complex, but thankfully San Antonio only had minor flooding and storm damage. Other cities were not spared as the storm gathered strength and swept on its path; the damage and loss of life is so sad.

  2. Hi Beth! Wow those creeks are raging!