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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Opening the house

Day 2 at the beach, not sure what day of my vacation this is, but that doesn't matter any more.  I do know it is Tuesday!  I've put a few pictures on Instagram, MySmallThings, again today.
The waves continue to roll
I woke up just before sunrise and knew I had to get up.  The sun rise wasn't dazzling, nonetheless it was worth watching.  The sun never fully showed through the moving clouds which created a constantly changing scene. The light changed color in the reflection on the standing pools of water in the dunes and on the ocean.

After morning coffee it was time to take a walk on the beach.  A few Man-O-Wars had washed up during the night, but there were none in the water.  I was intrigued at the pieces of debris that had already become host to small life forms, much like the ships that are sunk intentionally or accidentally that become a barrier reef for aquatic life.
My mind continued to empty itself and I wonder if this is what Island Time is really all about, a type of de-cluttering process.  This led me to develop the analogy of opening up a house that has been closed for a long time.  What is the first thing to be done?  You open the windows and begin to air out the house, letting the musty, closed up smell be wiped away by the fresh air pouring through the open windows.  I feel like the closed up house that is being aired out.

But what is next after you open the windows?  You clean out the cobwebs that have attached themselves in corners and along the rafters and you begin removing the layers of dirt.  There is always left behind debris as it is rare to close up a house and leave it in perfect immaculate order.  So then, the cobwebs and dust as well as the debris must go out.  So what are the cobwebs/dust/debris in my mind?  They have to be the distractions of life.

I let myself be distracted from contemplation by going into Port A for lunch and then a little more shopping (hey, I had to have another pair of sandals LOL and a lightweight zip up hoodie to keep warm after sunset!). Lunch at Castaway's is another beach ritual that cannot be skipped!
Perfect gumbo from Castaway's.  Thick sauce, seafood, and rice.  It came steaming hot and no extra Tabasco was needed-it sizzled!
The catch of the day was snapper and I choose the Caribbean style seasoning.  It was a very light white sauce made with white wine and garlic topped with tomatoes - a delight to the taste buds.  The snapper was so fresh and what a difference in the taste!

Tomorrow I will have to leave, but have already promised not to wait so long to come back to this place that claims my heart every time I come.  I feel energized and ready to tackle those distractions that clog up my mind after these two days and two nights on the island.

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