It is the small simple things of life that bring us peace.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Another 5 things

It's been way too long since I did a Five Things post.  So here goes!

The first thing I'm thankful for is a special moment that I had on Monday morning.  I had called in sick, but I wasn't sick.  I'm nursing a very sore back that has plagued me after stupidly trying to turn over a large concrete planter full of dirt and water.  After doing a few early morning things I was sitting at the breakfast table and noticed the play of light filtering through the trees onto the shutters.  The tile table reflected the light and the large ficus outside the window that was also dappled in sunlight.  How beautiful!  I sat for several moments lost in the dream of light and shadow.  Why had I never seen this before when I've lived here almost 12 years?  Why? Because I'm too busy on other mornings when I'm home to notice something so simple.

Second - I'm thankful for walks in the park with the dogs.  Exploring a new trail and discovering new sights.  Quiet, peaceful, just walking along.

Third - I'm thankful for Friday nights with the fifth grader.  I've known for many years that someday he will have other things to do on Friday nights and treasure each visit that we have now.  Someday will be here all too soon. I'm also thankful he mowed my yard tonight!

Fourth - I'm thankful that the days are getting longer, giving me more precious hours outside.  I'm thankful for time to work outside until dark, going inside feeling like I've accomplished something. I love the evening hours.

Fifth - I'm thankful for Lacey.  She came to me as a young, starving mother and has contentedly lived in my garage ever since. She keeps me company while I'm working outside, but spends many lonely hours in the garage or on my front porch.  She doesn't mind the cold or heat in the garage; maybe she sees the sunny mornings as her reward.  She is a happy little cat with a sweet spirit. And, she can be very entertaining!


  1. Sweet! What a welcome treat this morning as I came in from the "night shift" at the hospital, fed Rio, had coffee with Dad, and am now about to take a nap. I appreciate many things at this moment.

  2. I'm glad I could bring a little peace to your morning! Whenever I start with five things I always find I keep going. I think Friday Fives is going to become a regular feature of the blog.

  3. Good, today, you can do Sunday Sevens. :)