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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Saturday morning breakfast

Many years ago a dear, Hispanic co-worker shared this recipe with me.  She had made these for years for her family and I could see why they were a favorite recipe to repeat making.  My family also loved them and I made them frequently.  In previous years I've only made them to take to group gatherings, but Saturday morning I needed something to feed Jaydon, so I made a small batch for us.

The recipe is easy:  Take a can of biscuits (the store brand works great) and cut each biscuit in half.  Put about a tablespoon of fried country sausage and a sliver of cheese on the flattened biscuit  half.  Optional at this point is to add a sliver of a jalapeno or other pepper.  Fold up the biscuit and seal well.  Bake for about 10-12 minutes at 350 degrees or until the biscuit is lightly brown. 

In this case I had already scrambled the sausage and put it in the freezer.  But you can make them with freshly browned sausage and then freeze them.  They heat up very well and they do travel well, too.  Just for the record, they were not a hit with Jaydon.

You can fold them or roll them, but as illustrated in the picture above they do need to be sealed tightly or the cheese seeps out.  These are good by themselves or with scrambled eggs, oatmeal or fruit or anything else! 

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