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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring 2014 Road Trip, Day 1

My goal had been to leave town by 10 a.m.  I had also resolved not to rush on this trip; I rush around all the time, so I felt it is important to just take my time and enjoy the trip.  I have a very loosely planned itinerary, and plan to remain flexible.  So the day started with that in mind.  The dogs and I enjoyed our morning time with coffee on the deck and after I got ready I dropped them off at the kennel.  Headed back home to unload their crate, made a sandwich and cut up an apple for lunch, loaded the car and I was off at 10:15 a.m.   Yippee, road trip here I am!

My first stop was at Buc-ee's in Luling.  If you've never stopped at a Buc-ee's, you need to the next time you see one.  They are amazing.  I got gas, used the immaculately clean restroom, picked up my favorite trail mix (the one with the little yogurt chips!), looked for a map (no luck), and found a little traveling companion.

He seemed like a fitting companion even though he is neither a smooth or long-haired dachshund.  He is just about the size that my dogs were when I picked them up at 8 weeks of age.
The little guy, still wearing his butt-tag, says goodbye to Buc-ee's and sets his sights on I-10 East. Later, as we travelled down the interstate I decided that a good name for him would be Douhlie (a little Cajun variation of Dooley).

I got my wish about taking my time and enjoying the day without rushing around.  It was wet when I left home and threatening to rain (like it really would).  After we got back on the road it started to mist.  By the time I hit Houston it was a soft messy rain that the traffic was kicking up into a sight hindering mess.  There were numerous wrecks to gawk at and wreck debris to avoid for entertainment as I crept through Houston.  Slow traffic and rain continued until I got east of Lake Charles.  I kept reminding myself that this was part of the plan to slow down and relax.  I just wished that it was raining at home and that I was enjoying a raining afternoon there instead of shuffling along with traffic.
I've travelled with Bentley twice to dog shows, and while he has been remarkably well behaved in the hotels he did have to go out for a walk before bed and early the next morning.  Another reason that I'm sure Douhlie will be a great companion is that he does not require potty walks!

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