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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring 2014 Road Trip - Day 2

Today began early, out of the hotel before 8 a.m. and across the river into Baton Rouge.  I found my way down toward the Capitol after a few turns and a glance at the navigation system compass.  Even though it was threatening rain, I threw a little umbrella in the bag and started out exploring.  I quickly realized that I needed to start a list for the next time I come to visit as there were many, many things to see.
Since it was Sunday morning I pretty much had the whole Capitol to myself.  It was amazing!  They don't build 'em like this anymore!
The lobby had beautiful murals and exhibits about different early governors.  Through the open door is the Senate Chamber; the House Chamber is at the opposite end odd of the hall.  Huey P. Long was assassinated inside the Capitol and is buried in the park in front of the Capitol.

I took the elevator up to the observation platform knowing full well that I am terrified of high, open places.  I told myself if it was too much I would just leave.  Let's just say that the wind did not help me feel comfortable so I made a few quick pictures and went back down!  The visibility was poor, so I didn't feel like I missed too much.
Douhlie went through the security check with no problems and went out on the observation platform safely tucked in my purse.  Good dog!

I visited a few more spots quickly and then drove down to LSU.  Again, Sunday morning was the perfect time to visit as the access gates were open and unmanned and the campus was quiet. Then it was off to River Road, but due to my lack of planning I was unable to find some of the spots that I wanted to visit.  But Oak Alley was one of the planned stops and I found it easily.  I'm glad I had it on the list, it is a must see.  They have B&B cottages and I will be back to stay in one. 
Lunch at the Oak Alley Plantation restaurant was mighty fine.  I bought a copy of their cookbook to bring home.  It was an enjoyable afternoon walking around the grounds and touring the "Big House".  I spent 2 and a half hours here as it was easy to take everything in without feeling there was too much to see.
Douhlie, leave the tiger alone! 


  1. Poor boys don't get to go with you--they would be ever so much more fun than that snarky little Douhlie! Cute, though. Hope you have a fun strip--keep an eye out for New Deal buildings!

  2. Oops, let's make that a fun trip, although if it floats your boat, you can do a strip, too. Just put Douhlie down for his nap first. Or, I could have pretended I meant a fun strip of travel along that road you are on...

  3. :) I'm on the look out for New Deal stuff, nothing yet! I've been down some good strips of road with lots for a future trip!