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Sunday, March 23, 2014


When I was a Girl Scout and a Girl Scout leader we always did an evaluation after an event.  What did you like, what did you not like, what would you do differently next time were the questions to be answered.  So, while the memory of this spring road trip is fresh on my mind I thought I should also reflect a little before moving on to other topics.

300 year old oak trees at Oak Alley Plantation
It was a good trip, very relaxing just like I intended it to be.  I did not want to have to wake up to an early alarm clock and then rush through each day on a set agenda.  I had a loosely structured plan for each day with a hotel reservation for each evening.  I kept to this relaxed structure throughout the trip.  On the way home I-20 was crawling with Louisiana State Police, so I just backed the cruise control down as there was no need to rush, even on the way home!

I saw just about everything I intended to see and traveled the roads I wanted to travel.  Rarely do I go somewhere and think that there isn't anything else I want to see there, and this trip was no exception.  I have a list of places to go back to on a future trip.  I overlooked two rooms in the Mississippi Old Capitol, no problem I'll catch them next time along with the St. Edward Hotel.  I was enchanted with St. Francisville, put that on the list.  Many buildings in Baton Rouge that I need to check out, too.  And, of course, Vicksburg still waits to be explored.

What would I do different?  Maybe fly over and rent a car, but then again I enjoy being on the road and I wouldn't want to miss gliding over the Atchafalaya either!

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