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Friday, February 28, 2014

The end of February

February is winding down and this week I began to see the change (if you can call it that) in seasons.  We really don't have spring here in South Texas: it just gets warm and greens up.  It has seemed to me that this year we've had a more normal winter with cooler temperatures, but already we've had little spells where it has warmed up and then cooled down again after a few days.  I have to admit that this year I have enjoyed these winter days even though I do not like to be cold.  While I welcome the coming spring I also know that I'm going to miss these cozy winter evenings by the fire with the dogs piled around me.
This week I was surprised to see first one redbud in bloom and then two more close by.  Then I reminded myself that it is almost March and really not too early to see these early bloomers.
From a distance I also saw a low growing tree that was starting to put out white blossoms.  Keeping up with the traffic kept me from slowing down for a look; again, I was surprised.  The Arizona Ash trees have leafed out quickly; I never saw the buds, just noticed the leaves.  A neighbor's Monterrey Oak trees have also put out those lovely little delicate leaves that are a fresh, bright green.
I told myself not to even look for wildflowers this year.  We had very little rain in November which is when the seeds need moisture to start the germination process.  They will be light, like the past few years. 
We go to Daylight Saving Time a week from this Sunday.  I'm usually excited by this time change since it means more daylight in the evening and more time to be outside even though I will have to sacrifice an hour of sleep. Come on March, I'm ready!

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