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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring 2014 Road Trip-final day

Today it was time to head home from the Spring Road Trip.  But before I even got started, so to speak, I had one of those little surprises that I love.

I had originally planned to be gone for two more nights, spending today and tonight in Vicksburg and then coming part of the way home late tomorrow afternoon.  After much debating I eliminated the last two nights, promising myself that Vicksburg would be on my next trip agenda.  Still, as I headed down I-20 this morning toward Vicksburg I wished that I did have time to stop and find a place to make pictures of the bridges.  Little did I know...

I had been determined to only make one trip to the car on this last morning, so to be efficient with the use of my hands I put the bottle of water I had out for the start of the trip in the ice chest with intentions of pulling it out when I got to the car. Yup, I forgot to pull it out and realized it early on.  I kept looking for convenient places to pull over to quickly grab it out, but there just weren't any without getting off on a ramp and then pulling back on.  As I neared the river bridge I was really getting thirsty and when I saw the Welcome Center sign I thought, here we go.  These are usually easy to pull into and pull out.  So when I started down this ramp and realized that the Welcome Center wasn't just along the side of the road I just had to keep going and told myself, "oh well".  As it was, it was just across the highway and not too out of the way.  But my grumbling immediately stopped when I pulled into the parking lot and there right before my eyes were the two bridges!  Immediate delight!

I can understand the advantage that the Confederates had in this high place to observe the river and the opposite shore and why it was vital to the Union to take the city.

Yes, I had to walk up the steps and over the bridge to get to the cannon and the high spot to make pictures.  The railing was almost up to my shoulders and there was a hand rail as well, so I told myself I would not fall and to get over it as I really wanted  pictures!

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