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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vermont Day 4 & 5

We left the Lodge at 9 a.m. in a pouring rain and headed to Shelburne to the Shelburne Museum. This place is like no other museum I've ever seen! It is spread out over several acres (I forgot how many) and is a collection of stuff, all kinds of stuff. I bought a book about the lady that collected and assembled all the stuff as I was quite intrigued by it all. They had quilts and needlework on display, but the Ticonderoga and an exhibit of Ansel Adams photographs were my favorites.
The Ticonderoga, a restored steamboat that operated on Lake Champlain. It was fun to go inside and see the elegant dining room and the teeny staterooms for the passengers that required overnight accomadations.

This is one of the few round barns still in existence. Inside there was an exhibit of quilts made by family members of Alzheimer patients (very touching, but very sad) and an exhibit of carousel horses.

This is an actual train depot and there was a steam locomotive and a private rail car you could walk through. I had to think of my father and how he would have loved this exhibit as it was authentic!

We returned to the Lodge just in time for another rain shower so I didn't get to do the hike to the family chapel and any more exploring at the Trapp Family Lodge. But I enjoyed sitting in an Adirondack chair on the balcony outside my room and watching the rain! Again we enjoyed an excellent meal in their restaurant.

The next morning we said good bye to the Lodge and headed to the Vermont Quilt Festival. It was wonderful, like a mini Houston Quilt Festival. I really enjoyed looking at all the quilts and did some shopping. At 1:30 p.m. we were back on the bus and made a brief stop at Quechee Gorge and then we were on to Woodstock Vermont. I spent most of the hour we were there in the post office shipping 3 (yes 3) large flat rate boxes home with all the treasures I had purchased, just a note here in my defense that most of the other people on the tour were shipping home several boxes, too! I managed to snap a few pictures and eat a cup of ice cream before it was bus load time again.

Quechee Gorge, and yes, Chicken Little walked out on the bridge and made this picture.

A hotel in Woodstock (would love to stay here someday!)

A two hour ride brought us to our final hotel in Nashua New Hampshire. This evening we had our farewell dinner and a show and tell time (as if we hadn't been doing show and tell all week!).

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