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Sunday, July 11, 2010

No No Bad Dogs!

Don't let this sweet picture of Sawyer fool you....
This is what I came home to on Friday! If you are wondering what is going on the puppies had pulled the cushion out of their bed several weeks ago (it is on the right, upside down) and I had given them a towel to put in the bed since sometimes they were still sleeping in the bed (that is the yellow thing in the bed). On Friday Sawyer tore a hole in the bed and stuck his head through it (from underneath the bed no less). I came home and he was wearing the bed, literally. Oh yes, the white stuff all over the floor is a shredded "puppy pad" .

Apparently he had been wearing this for a while since he had pee-peed on the bed and when I got him out he ran to the water bowl and drained it.

Nice, huh!

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