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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wednesday 07.15.2015

Renner School
Dallas Heritage Village
This two-story school was built in 1888 to serve the community of Renner, Texas, located north of Dallas. Schools were established early in the formation of most communities, but farm chores took precedence over education. School terms were scheduled between the fall harvest and spring plantings.  Teachers usually had to board with student families and often were overworked and underpaid. In addition to teaching they were responsible for the building's upkeep.

In the 1880's Texas appropriated funds to construct schools and improve education; the school in Renner School is typical of schools built during this time. The interior and exterior details and the number of windows and their arrangement indicate that the building may have been built from one of many architectural patterns available at that time. A wood burning stove warmed the building in the winter and cross-ventilation from the windows cooled it in the warmer months.  First through fifth grades assembled in the classroom downstairs and sixth and seventh met upstairs in the "high school" room. 

The building was moved to the Dallas Heritage Village in 1977 and restored.  The original black boards (boards painted black) are visible and walls and trim remain their original color of grey.

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