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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Little lessons

I learn something every day, as most people do whether they realize it or not.  It seems that even with many years of experience with planning, packing, and travelling that with each road trip and each dog show that I learn more about travelling conveniently, practically, and economically. 

What I learned on this trip is mundane, but important to remember for future trips.  Here are my 3 little lessons:

1.  Protect your feet at the cost of being fashionable.  It's been years since I donned tennis shoes with dress clothes, but it is a practice to revive.  My feet are tender and were already trashed from wearing flat sandals.  Then I walked around on concrete floors all day Friday in dress flats. Saturday morning it was time to put those comfy, supporting tennis shoes on until ring time.  I love my sandals, but comfort is now a must.  Leave the sandals home when you have a lot of walking to do.

2.  Balance what you do so you don't exhaust yourself - or your dog.  I opted out of going to some dog friendly places in Houston, like the Houston Arboretum, because of the heat.  But we were still go, go, go all the time.  As we pulled out of the gas station and sat at the last light before getting on the freeway to come home I snapped this picture of Bentley.  He was exhausted today and slept most of the ride home.  Truthfully, I'm tired, too.  Whether your activities are planned or spontaneous, think ahead as to how they will effect you and the dog later. You will enjoy your trip much more if you aren't worn out from all your activities.

3.  If you opt to take along food to sustain you, then you must remember that in order to consume the food that you have to have it with you.  If you leave the bag of sliced cucumber in the hotel fridge, then when you have a late afternoon hunger attack you will probably cave to the pizza craving.  Likewise while driving if you pass up the rest stop where you could sit and munch on a sandwich and some fruit then you will most likely end up pulling through the Whataburger drive through and consuming a large burger and large sugary Coca-Cola that will sit like a rock in your stomach in the afternoon heat.

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