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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Big D - Day 4 Redemption and Home

Tomorrow is always another day and you do have to put the past behind you, learn from your mistakes and resolve to make the future better.  I experienced that today with the final day of the dog show.  I will not weight down this post with complete details about all my motivational thoughts, but I walked out of the hotel as a woman determined to move on. 
Okay Mom, I got you this blue ribbon.  Are you pleased?  Can we just go home now?
Here's a quick run down on the show:  We got in the ring and he didn't walk too well, but stacked on the table perfectly and remained focused on the treat in my hand while the judge looked at him.  "Smokey" (thanks S. for the laugh!) didn't pick up any tape or debris from the floor this time!  Today's judge was pleasant and easy to show to.  We beat the other dog in the class, although I felt a little bad because the owner was a delightful older lady that only shows at limited shows.  But she gave me a hug as we left the ring, so I knew there were no hard feelings.  We went back into the ring for Winner's Dog and he did well.  The judge took her time deciding and looked carefully at each dog.  I'm honestly not sure why she picked the winner that she did, but the dog she chose for reserve was a beautiful cream. 

Today was a better day and I have a new, positive attitude toward what I'm doing.  I've re-grouped and moved on.  Bentley was a good sport about the trip and went along agreeably with each activity.  I tried to make sure I didn't tire him out, leaving aside some of the things I wanted to do.  I knew he was exhausted last night when he curled up and went to sleep before I turned out the light.  As we headed home he was asleep before I pulled up onto the freeway.  He slept most of the way, occasionally standing up on the console and looking at me like, "Mom, are we there yet?"

I stopped in Hill County for him to have a walk break at the rest stop.  I have to digress, remember when these stops were called "road side parks"?  They are now referred to as "safety stops" to be politically correct, I guess.  Anyway, he wasn't interested in the purpose of the stop, but I found myself marveling at the flatness of the land while he smelled around.  Living in an area that is nothing but low rolling hills I am amazed at the straight lines of the land in this area.  I've always enjoyed making this drive and watching the hills give way to the flat lands planted with crops.  Maybe that's why I like road trips because you can watch the changing of the land and foliage as  you drive along.

This modern windmill was running at the safety stop and I had to make a picture.  I've always loved to see windmills sitting in fields or close to barns with the blades spinning away.  I'm always saddened to see one that has fallen into disrepair.  I wondered later if there was a description about this one and I suspect since it was running and there is a tank near it that it might actually be pumping water.  I'll have to stop again and investigate!

One final funny event for the trip home.  I decided to take a fairly new toll road (130) to avoid Austin traffic and possible home bound holiday traffic congestion.  The toll road offers speed limits of 80 and 85 mph.  It is through farm lands, uncongested and has less trucks than the interstate.  It was a pleasant drive; however, I made the mistake of following TxDot's instructions instead of exiting where I knew I should from checking the map. 

Thanks to TXDot I ended up on I-10 on the other side of Seguin.  I plan to write them a little note and explain that they need to look at a map and realize that Seguin is a 45 minute drive from the outskirts of San Antonio and that this route takes San Antonio bound travelers to the eastern side of San Antonio.  And I am going to suggest that after reviewing the map they should update the Transguide instructions to inform travelers if they want to reach San Antonio from the toll road they need to exit at Buda.  If they want to travel on to I-10 to Seguin they should stay on the toll road.  Granted, I had looked at the map and should have taken the Buda exit.  But I trusted TXDot......


  1. I enjoyed reading about your and Bentley's dog show adventures!!

  2. Congrats on the win! Good work, Bentley.

    1. He got a few extra treats for the good work!

  3. Good boy Bentley!!! Congrats!