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Monday, September 19, 2011

Phone Books

Phone book?  What is that many of the younger generation ask.  We all know, they are those big books printed on cheap paper that we chunk into the recycling bin and think about what a waste they are.  Or so I thought.

We have one of the guys that still uses the phone book (yellow pages) regularly.  He is my age, but got left behind when DOS went out of use.  He is not real technology savy.  So he uses the yellow pages to look up everything.  Recently his wife called and asked someone to please look up a phone number in the phone book for her.  She was on the road and needed to call her doctor's office.  But hubby, thrifty guy that he is, had told her not to use directory assistance on the cell phone because it was too expensive.  So she called the office.  The assistant, of course, went to the internet for the number.  As she was looking up the number she was talking with the wife.  The wife then asked, "are you looking on the internet for this number?"  Yep, wife is not in the technology loop either.  We had a good laugh about this!

But a week or two went by and the same assistant asked me if I knew of a good florist.  They needed to send flowers to a client.  Yes, I knew of a florist but couldn't remember the name.  I searched the internet, thinking that I would recognize the name if I saw it.  But no luck.  So, guess what I had to pull out....the yellow pages!  I was slightly horrified but it was the only alternative.  I found the florist, recognizing the name just like I thought I would.  I called the assistant and told her how I found the number and we really had a good laugh.

Ah, modern times.

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