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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Changing the view orientation on a computer

Tonight I had many things to do.  I had made one stop on the way home, then picked up Blossom and made a run to PetsMart.  There is a thunderstorm going through the area (or in my case, it is just a windstorm) so I turned on the computer to check the National Weather Service while I made myself something to eat.  The laptop was sitting on a chair, happily doing it's little lengthy boot up, at least until Sawyer and Bentley thought I was about to sit down and they jumped on the chair and the laptop.  Next thing I knew the screen had rotated itself into a sideways view.  Nice, right.  And the mouse was really unmanageable.

Hmmm, now what do I do?  So the keyboard is facing one way and the screen is the other way.  I tried everything, then searched everywhere.  Forget Microsoft help.  All I learned is that they are not going to support my version soon.  So I looked in the laptop owners manual, forget that, after all this is a Dell laptop (boo, hiss!). I tried under the control panel, too.  At this point I was no longer aggravated with the dogs, I was after Microsoft.

So finally, in desperation, with my head facing sideways to my hand and my head pounding I went to Google.  Found my answer in Yahoo!Answers, quick as a wink.  Someone back in 2008 had the same problem and some smart genius (probably a Microsoft developer in disguise) gave the answer:  Hold the Alt and Ctrl keys down while moving the arrow keys until the screen is oriented to your liking.  How simple, of course!  Now you know what to do when the dogs change the orientation of the computer screen! And, now I continue on with my chores only delayed by an hour.

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