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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How Did I Ever Do It?

Jaydon has been staying with me this week. We've had a busy week, Monday night was pizza and homework, Tuesday night Jaydon went to school with me, tonight was Open House at his school. I'm having flashbacks to when my kids were in school and I often felt that I was living in my car. We've had the pizza one night when it was fresh and then left over tonight. Last night was definitely a fast food night. And, I'm not used to having to be somewhere in the morning at a definite time so I've had to really discipline myself to watch the time in the morning (we have a 25-30 minute drive so there is no delay in getting out the door).

What I'm wondering is, how did I do it when my children were small? I worked until 5 p.m., drove home, picked them up from after school care when they were small, put a meal on the table, and then headed out the door to dance, Scouts, soccer practice, baseball practice, choir parents, and I don't remember what else. Oh, yes I remember...I made costumes and assembled homecoming mums during the evenings. And, then I came home and got them bathed and in the bed by their bedtimes (when they were small). There was very little fast food or eating out but by the time Stephanie was in first grade I did have a housekeeper of sorts. But I still have to wonder how I did it.

I remember a lot of times that I thought about the old expression about meeting yourself coming down the road and wondered if it would happen to me. Those were busy years, but good ones. I've told myself that it really wasn't any different back then than it is now. I just did what I had to do and it got done. No different than this week. Except I haven't made any homecoming mums.

And, here's a picture of two fine boys!

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