It is the small simple things of life that bring us peace.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The condo that Jaydon and I stayed in at the beach last weekend was very comfortable and decorated in a very relaxing style. Jaydon explored every nook and cranny and opened every drawer and looked on every shelf in the unit.  I looked around, too.   I was glad to see books by Max Lucado and Rick Warren (and others) on the bookshelf.  But the most amazing discovery was when Jaydon opened the doors on the cabinet that the television was sitting on.  Inside was a beautiful set of Encyclopedia Britannica! 

I had to explain what they were, and we spent some time looking up several things.  Although the Britannicas are a little technical and more suited for an older student, we still found a few things that interested Jaydon.  He likes light and we found a section that had some cool pictures about the nature of light.  I'm knitting with alpaca yarn and we tried to look up alpaca.  We also read a little about volcanoes.  I wished that they had been World Book Encyclopedias as those are a little more inviting.  I remembered spending more time than I probably should have as a young student browsing through encyclopedias.  Today's kids have the internet to browse, but somehow it just isn't the same.  Something about turning the pages of a never know what will be next and what new world will be opened to you.

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