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Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Feel A Change

I had promised myself that I would not do another post about the weather, no more whining I said.  But this isn't so much a whine as it is a comment.  So here goes. 

We've had the worst summer hot hot hot hot dry dry dry.  But Saturday night as I took the dogs out before bedtime I thought I felt a hint of a change in the air.  Just a hint, I was sure it felt different somehow.  Sunday morning when we went out I knew for sure, I felt a hint of fall.  A few minutes later the wind picked up and I knew the change had come.  Yeeeeaaaah, the heat is gone.  I feel fall!

So Tuesday morning I had to put gas in the car.  And of course, I'm running late for work and just wanting to hurry and get it done.  As I was filling up I looked out across the hillside (the service station is up on a hill and looks out over the airport and part of the city) and I realized that the cool breeze was just fall all over.  It felt so good on my face.  The morning also just had a look of fall.  While the gas tank filled I thought about fall.  Pumpkins on the porch, grey mornings when the leaves fall, football, and Thanksgiving.  I decided right then as the gas was pumping that I was going to do everything possible to enjoy this fall. 

I'm loving these cool mornings, slipping a shawl around my shoulders while I sit on the deck sipping coffee before dawn.  I'm loving these evening walks with the dogs and feeling the cool night air descend.  I'm loving the late afternoon shadows, the sun seems to have shifted early this year (I know it hasn't but still the shadows already have that long look).  Even though it is hot during the afternoons the humidity is low, and I can imagine that it really isn't hot, it's just a warm fall afternoon.  I can't wait to get the fall decorations out and get this season started. 

After all, it's fall!

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