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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Places I seen at the quilt show

Well, I made it to the Quilt Festival and am immersed in everything quilting.  Shout yippee and sigh at the same time!  I'm always delighted with all the surprises I encounter and I haven't been let down.

Here's one of them:

Last year, and again this year, the show featured photographs of well known places with quilts electronically imposed (Photoshop) on them.  They are fun to look at!  I had a thrill last night as I walked through the photographs that I thought I would share here. 

The first photograph I recognized was of the Texas State Capitol.
There were other places.  But when I turned a corner and saw this next one I did a double take!
I didn't have to read the caption to know this was Longwood!  I would know this house anywhere - it is Longwood in Natchez, MS!  Imagine, Natchez Mississippi being featured at the International Quilt Festival.  But there's more...
This is what is left of the old toll booth at the river bridge in Natchez
I had to read the caption to make sure, but this is the river bridge at Natchez
The steamboat "Natchez"
Magnolia Hall, Natchez MS
These aren't the best pictures because I was dodging the glare of the spotlights, but the effect of the quilts is there.  My main delight was seeing a place that I love featured in this exhibit.  Wish I was headed east tomorrow instead of west to go home!

Here are two more from Louisiana to finish up:
Oak Alley
The Louisiana State Capitol

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  1. Now this is absolutely awesome! What a clever idea. When I opened my first private practice, my partner and I were on limited decorating funds. We hung quilts on the large expanses of walls to try to unify--quilts by our grandmothers and great grandmothers. We thought it symbolized the kind of work we were doing. I had not thought of it in years til I saw these pictures. Thanks for sharing!