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Friday, October 11, 2013

Adjust that attitude

It is all about attitude; I tell myself that real often.  I had to remind myself about it this afternoon.  I had the day off, that was good.  After a brief doctor appointment, a breakfast taco and coffee late morning, and some errand running I was home.  My plan was to spend the rest of the day working in the yard, and I did.  Except that I hit a real mental road block after I started.

I have been putting off re-building the retaining wall that runs along one side of the fence.  When my neighbor and I had the fence replaced in the spring the fence had to be moved back toward their property several inches due to buried cable.  So the bricks had been scattered everywhere upon completion. Due to hot weather and illness (and general procrastination) I had not re-built the wall.  But today was the day to get going on the project.  While the temperature was mild, the humidity was high so it was almost like working outside in August.  And, the project was a mess.  It was almost too overwhelming to start and after I did I was almost overwhelmed.  The griping and whining started.  This was just too much, it was going to take forever, I wanted to be doing other things, etc etc etc.

Then I remembered my frequent reminder that it is all about attitude.  So here's what I came up with as I worked.

1)  Would you rather be out here, outside on a nice day, working on this project or sitting in the office working at the job to nowhere? 
2)  Would you rather be working on a project that will give you a sense of accomplishment or sitting in the office working at the job where there is no sense of accomplishment?
3)  Begin with the end in mind.  As you see progress, the end will be more visible and you'll be motivated.
4)  When this is done, it is done.  Hopefully, you won't have to do it again.  And, then you can move on to other things you want to do in the yard.
5) For pete's sake, be thankful you are healthy and strong enough to get out here and do this work.  Stop whining and be thankful!

It worked, as usual. Attitude adjusted, I got far more done than I had planned on the wall.  Plus, after I cleared those negative thoughts out of my mind I was able to focus on pleasant thoughts while I worked.

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  1. I love it, and yes, be thankful you are able to do it, even one brick a time! Can't wait to see a picture of the finished wall...because my retaining wall is still waiting, too. Maybe you will motivate me. :)