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Sunday, March 18, 2012

What doing without does for you

If you read the dogs' blog then you know that I went to a dog show in Houston this weekend.  I found myself remembering my drive east two years ago in April to pick up Sawyer and Blossom.  The bluebonnets were in full bloom, not to mention the azaleas in Louisiana. This year our spring season has come early and the wildflowers along I-10 are just starting to really pop out.  I passed several fields that were just starting to get that bluish tinge to them and the other flowers are just starting to show, too.  Probably by next weekend the show will be spectacular.  And, everything is so green and beautiful this year.  

Quite a contrast to last year when there was nothing but brown, dried up plants and dying trees.  I have to think that maybe going without has made us appreciate the beauty of the green grass and the wildflowers.  The rains came in the fall when the seeds needed the moisture to start growing and then again, the rains came during the winter to water the small plants.  I'm seeing bluebonnets in places I haven't seen them in years, the seeds have been waiting and waiting. After a season of drought we are ready for this early spring. I can't wait to get out with the camera next weekend!

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