It is the small simple things of life that bring us peace.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jaydon's (2nd) Strawberry Plant

Jaydon has always loved the strawberry plants at the garden center.  So last spring I had bought a plant for him. It was late in the spring when we planted it and unfortunately it did not live long.  We planted it in the ground, big mistake in a drought.  It was in the full sun and it just scorched into a dead plant. I felt bad since he had been so excited about having strawberries to pick and eat.

This spring we started a little earlier and planted the strawberry plant in a pot where it gets a little morning sun and good light the rest of the day.  Jaydon has watered and tended it very faithfully every weekend; we were very pleased when the first blossom appeared.  Now the plant has several strawberries and is still blooming. On Friday afternoons Jaydon makes me stop the car before pulling into the garage so he can jump out and check his plant!  Last Friday I made pictures, and will try to add more as this progresses (like the amaryllis last year, which I'm anxiously watching this spring).

The straggly plant on the right is a pumpkin plant.  Jaydon took one of the seeds and planted in the pot with the strawberry plant after he smashed the pumpkin.  I wish I had kept some of the seeds for next summer. That is Lacey admiring the strawberries!

Aren't those fine looking strawberries?  Just one of life's small simple things!

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