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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In the News...part 2

Several posts back I wrote about the so called experts that want to take away obese children from their parents and among other things do away with advertising "unhealthy" foods to children.  Today's news has prompted me to continue this topic.

McDonald's (every child's favorite place and home of the Happy Meal) announced that they are going to begin serving apple slices with every Happy Meal.  Isn't that exciting!  They will replace half of the fries in the Happy Meal with apple slices.  Every child is thrilled.  Thank goodness they will offer the option of all apple slices or all fries.  But let's see them get that order right...Jaydon and I have learned to check his sack before leaving the drive thru window to make sure that he has a toy for a boy (Barbie didn't do much for him one night) and the ordered barbecue sauce to dip the McNuggets in (the sauce I have in the fridge doesn't do the trick on the McNuggets).

Recently I had picked up a child's meal at Subway for Jaydon.  Typically those come with a small sandwich, a choice of apple slices or yogurt, and either milk or a juice box.  And they pack it in a cute little re-usable tote bag (no toy but the bag is usually ok, too).  Jaydon ate the sandwich but not the chosen yogurt or milk, so I put  both in the fridge to save.  I took them to work a day or two later as part of my lunch.  First surprise was the milk.  It was 1% milk...just to note here that I buy 2% but really, 1% for children?  Yuk, watered down and tasteless liquid.  Then I started on the yogurt.  It tasted funny so I read the label...non fat yogurt.  Yuk, again.  So, I wonder now what is the deal here?  Do they want today's children to look anorexic?  They will surely starve if all they have is apple slices and non fat food.

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