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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy July 4th!

I've fallen behind on blogging, due mainly to the complications and distractions of life!  But I've told myself it was just a "Summer Sabatical"!  One distraction has been school and my current class, Western Civilization until 1715.  I've been buried writing a paper on Leonardo Da Vinci and will do a post soon on that subject. 

Part of the reading for the class has had to do with the development of Christianity and the persecution that the early Christians went through.  What were those enlightened Romans thinking?  And later on, the enlightened leaders of the Church were just as bad in persecuting any one who dared to even think differently, or to think at all.  Can you imagine being accused of heresy for daring to suggest that the earth is not the center of the universe?

So my readings and study this summer has made me really appreciate the Fourth of July holiday and the freedom that we celebrate.  I can not imagine not having the freedom to believe as I choose and to live as I choose.  If the whiners and protesters that are always complaining about America don't like it, they need to leave!  Maybe a short sojourn in another country would enlighten them!

So, Happy Birthday America!  May God Bless You With All His Blessings!

(Next post, coming up soon....more babies pictures)

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