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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Mind (AKA The Salad Spinner)

I've decided that my mind is like a salad spinner (you know, one of those little bowls you put wet lettuce in and it spins the water out).  What, you say, a salad spinner?  That's right, a salad spinner.  I have all these thoughts in my head that are always spinning around; I think a lot and my mind travels down many roads.  I realized that lately I've been having a thought overload.  I just have too many things to think about and I feel that I'm going to short circuit.  I've even found that I can't think more than a day or two in advance to make up to-do lists and shopping lists.  Five minutes into the future is about all I can deal with. 

Then I realized that my brain is like the basket of my salad spinner.  It is full of thoughts and is just spinning around.  So now when I find myself thinking about something fairly useless I've started telling myself to stop the spinner (my salad spinner has a little black button that you push to stop it) so I push the button so to speak on my mind and tell myself to take that thought out of the basket and get rid of it.  Sometimes the thought is something stupid that I have no reason to even be thinking, sometimes it is about something that happened in the past (good grief, no use thinking about that, it is over) or sometimes it is worrying about something in the future. 

When the spinner is going too fast or is too full that is the time to push the button and stop the spinning.  It is like cleaning house in my brain.

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