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Thursday, July 14, 2011

In the news

One of the major topics in the news yesterday was the proposal to take obese children away from their parents.  This one had to be thought of by a "real deep thinker" because it is absolutely ridiculous.  Will that really help these children?  The answer is a resounding NO!  And what next, will they take away a child because the parents didn't remember to brush his/her teeth before bedtime?  That sounds silly, but it's right along the same line.  If they will take away a child because they are overweight, what else will they use as an excuse to take a child from his/her parent?

Now I do agree that there are overweight children and adults out there, no doubt about that.  And very often the child that is overweight is accompanied by an overweight adult.  This leads everyone to think, "uh oh bad eating habits and no exercise".  But this may not always be the truth either.  While a good diet and exercise benefits children and adults of any weight sometimes that is not the answer to loosing weight.  There are some people that just can't loose weight no matter how hard they try.  Besides, how do you define over or underweight?  Aren't we all a little different?  Do we need to conform to a specific norm?

Today's news showed that certain manufacturers have agreed to stop advertising their products to children since they are not "healthy".  One of othe items featured in the news spot showed Tony the Tiger as one of the unadvertiseable items...can you imagine?  Frosted Flakes aren't good for you?  I've eaten them all my life and I don't think they have negatively affected me. 

And what about the west coast proposal to ban putting toys in kids meals from fast food restaurants?  What, are they looney?  No wait, they don't have kids.

Enough for today, hope I've made my point.  I just heard the toaster oven ding, so that means that my very healthy french bread pizza is ready.  I'm going to go enjoy it, along with a very cold, delicious and healthy loaded with calories Coca Cola. 

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