It is the small simple things of life that bring us peace.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Years and years ago, when I was a young wife and mother, our Pastor's wife taught our Sunday School class.  I remember one Sunday during Advent she went around the room and asked what traditions our families had for Christmas.  I struggled to think of anything so when my turn came the only thing I could think of was that our family usually ate tamales on Christmas Eve!  But this really shook me up because I just couldn't think of any traditions.  I mentally relived every Christmas of my life but there just wasn't anything.

Now I am older and I know that there are many things that I do each Christmas season that could be considered a tradition.  For example, I switch out my glasses and dishes to the Christmas set that I love.  And there are things that I do every few years, too, that could be considered a tradition.  For example, going downtown and riding a river barge.  And now I think of my grandchildren and am reminded that I am creating memories for them.

So tonight I had this dreamy idea that Jaydon and I would go ride around and look at Christmas lights.  We've done this before, it is a Christmas tradition.  I imagined that we would drive around and ooooh and aaaah for an hour and then stop for hot chocolate or ice cream.  What a wonderful memory to create, right?  Wrong.  We had been driving around for about 15 minutes and had seen some awesome light displays.  But then the little voice from the back seat asked, "can we go now?"  And that was the end of the fun for him.   Oh well, we did come home and make red hot cider!

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