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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Travel

This year none of the family will be traveling, well only to my house and to other in town relatives so that doesn't count as traveling.  I've told Jaydon several times that I'm glad he is with us this year and didn't have to get on a plane and leave just as Christmas was getting going.  We are all here and I'm glad.

But the past few days I've been thinking about how many years I was traveling at Christmas and that has caused me to reflect on all the different Christmases of my life.  I have fond memories of the years that we traveled to see my grandparents, the car loaded with presents and eager children.  I remember one year when the weather was bad and my parents had decided not to try to travel.  But on Christmas Eve Day the weather started to clear.  My dad checked with the weather service and he splurged on a long distance phone call to my grandmother...the roads were clear over there.  So we quickly loaded the car and headed east to arrive late that night.  I was very concerned that we would get there as Santa arrived and he would leave without leaving my gifts.  I was reassured that Santa was still way up north at that time. 

I remember other shorter trips as an adult.  After attending Christmas Eve services we would travel to my in-laws.  Again the car was loaded with presents and two eager children.  I enjoyed those rides as there was truly peace (for once) in our car and as we drove into the night it seemed that peace had descended over all the world.

The last two years I've headed to Mississippi on the day after Christmas.  My sister and I were working to clear out my parents house.  Not a pleasant task, but we had some good laughs while traveling and enjoyed our time together.  Now this year it seems strange not to head to Mississippi, but maybe next year I'll find a reason to travel around Christmas.  I love to travel through towns, especially small ones, and see the decorations and feel the joy of the season in that community.  Christmas is such a special time, there is no other season like it.

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