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Friday, December 17, 2010

A Doggie Adventure

Don't let this picture fool you...Listen dear readers and you shall hear of the Friday adventure of these three dears.  Early in the morning their "mama" left them, snuggling down in their dog house for a long morning nap.  She told them good bye and to be good doggies until she returned.  But quickly thereafter the lure of the world caused them to be drawn to a spot on the fence where they worked diligently to open a hole.  Then one by one they wiggled through, free at last without a care in the world.  Running, sniffing the ground, playing in one yard after another.  Oh what a joyous day.  From street to street they ran, dodging the cars one by one.  The day quickly passed, experiencing freedom like never before they never separated but ran together on and on.  Late in the afternoon as the darkness began to fall they were befriended by a dear young lady.  She watched them play and run as cars whizzed by, so she resolved to pick these little dears up and find their home.  A call she did make to the number on the tag, the dear vets office it was.  Oh, they know these three well, and quickly they called "mama" with news that Blossom, Sawyer and Baylee had been found.  But wait, "mama" was on her way home, not knowing that Blossom, Sawyer and Baylee had been lost.  Oh how quickly "mama" rushed home, but no not home.  Several streets over she went to meet the dear lady and her two young friends who were holding the little dears.   Many grateful thanks to the rescuers and home they did go.  All the way home their "mama" was telling them how naughty they were, but all they heard was "mama loves you, you little rascals".   Soon after their homecoming a quick meal they did eat and then snuggled down in their "mama's" lap.  While they did nap "mama" completed their microchip registration and ordered additional name tags with each darling's name and "mama's" phone number with hopes that she will never have to have a phone call that her little darlings had been found.  The End

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