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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Paper Shredders

Okay, I never believed in the no-homework excuse of "my dog ate it" (really, come on a dog does not eat paper) but now I understand and know that it is a very valid excuse. Tonight before I left for choir practice I had to pick up a Talbot's catalog that was shredded into a million little pieces, some of which were slobberey. Yes, I had heard the noise when they first started and I told them to "leave it" (a command they know very well). But I stepped away for just a minute or two and that's when the paper shredders went into work. What a mess!

But I didn't learn my lesson. I had two more catalogs in the floor and after I got home and let the pups out they started shredding them. I got on them and as I reached down to pick up the catalogs I saw Blossom tear into my Quilt Festival class schedule so I had to rescue that, too. So, when you have babies in the house you do not leave anything in the floor that they can shred or chew on (including sandals). But if you need anything shredded, do leave that in the floor but be prepared that you will have to pick up the shreds from all over your house when they are done! Little darlings....

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