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Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Discussion About God and Heaven

Yesterday I picked Jaydon up from his after school program and we started our Gammy night.  As we were driving to my house he asked me who the smartest person in the world was.  I replied that he was.  But that wasn't the answer he was looking for so I suggested that it was his mommy.  He then said, "No Gammy, it's God!" and then we had a deep theological discussion.  We discussed that God knew everything and then went into further discussion about where God is.  I replied that God was in heaven but he was everywhere, too.  Then Jaydon asked, "Did God die?" and I asked why he asked that.  His reply was "Well, if God is in heaven he must have died."  So I tried to explain that we have to die to go to heaven but God had not died to go there, that he had created heaven and lives there.  After some more discussion I reminded him about Ethan.  We talked about that Ethan was in heaven and he was waiting for us.  Then he asked if I was going to die, and, of course, I told him yes but that if he believed in Jesus and had Jesus in his heart that then when he died we would be together in heaven.  This was a pretty heavy discusion topic for both of us  but I'm glad we had an opportunity to talk about these things.  I realized that it is hard to tell a 6 year old things that we just accept as part of our faith in God.

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