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Friday, August 20, 2010


I had a major flashback today. Jaydon went to work with me today. He had been to work with me before for two afternoons before he left for his summer trip. Today was a long day, and once or twice he got restless but he did good for a little 6 1/2 year old guy. During the afternoon he asked for a sticky pad and wrote "Gammy" on it. Then he put the little sticky-note on the bottom of my monitor. As he was writing the note I remembered that Stephanie had also gone to work with me when she was young. I think she was probably older, maybe 10 or 11, when she first went to work with me. What I remembered was that she would write little notes to me. I had kept one for a long time in the front of my day planner, and I still have it somewhere as I could not bear to part with it. It was written on a little green memo pad that we used to write notes to co-workers (yes, this was way before we had e-mail and we actually wrote real notes to each other!). I don't remember exactly what she wrote but she thanked me for bringing her to work with me and that she loved me.

She went to work with me frequently as she got older and was hired by my employer during one high school summer (that was an eye opening experience for her). I always thought it was good for her to go with me as it taught her proper conduct in an office setting as well as learning some basic office skills. But as I watched Jaydon today I realized that the time I had spent with his Mommy in my office was priceless, I will never have that time again. And I will keep his little sticky note for a long, long time, too. I hope I created memories for him...he created memories for me.

And, tonight Batman made an appearance in my neighborhood!

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