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Friday, December 6, 2013

It's Cold

Winter is here, at least for a few days.  Time to wear sweaters again and make some chili, too.  There's a fire in the fire place tonight and I've got on my sweats and fuzzy socks - it just doesn't get any better than this!  Outside it is 34 degrees with a wind chill of 25, so I'm very thankful for a warm house to be in tonight.

This week I've started working in another branch of our company that is in a little town outside of San Antonio.  The commute is a little farther and a little longer, but it isn't too bad as I'm going against the rush hour traffic. This morning there was ice on the side of I-10 and I watched the temperature drop below freezing.  I drove carefully and was mindful of the possibility of ice.  Around 9:40 we noticed that there was rain dripping off the building's metal roof very quickly, but it wasn't raining in the parking lot.  Then we realized that there were thin sheets of ice falling off the roof.  We quickly ran outside to make pictures. Never mind that it was very cold!

I managed to catch one of the sheets in mid air.  See that blurry rectangle at the upper left?  That is a thin sheet of ice.  They were landing softly, disintegrating like powder when they hit the car and the ground.

The display was short lived and it did warm up to around 40 degrees.  The sun came out, too, but it still is very cold.  Feels like Christmas!

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