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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Come on Christmas!

We are just 10 days away from Christmas, really less than that.  I'm ready, totally ready.  Tonight was our church's Christmas Pops concert and every year after it is over THEN I really feel  like it is Christmas.  The concert is a big affair and a lot of work, but it is also a lot of fun for performers and audience.  Another memorable concert, check it off the list and let's move toward the big day!

Now, as much as I love Christmas I don't go crazy trying to do everything.  I do not want to stress myself out over something that I enjoy.  Years ago I felt so stressed and frazzled, but I've learned to just do what I want and leave the unnecessary stuff alone.  For example, I haven't put out one outside light this year.  No big deal, those lights may get out there and they may stay in the storage box, too.  I don't send out Christmas cards to everyone I know any more either.  Just family and friends that are out of town get cards; this is much easier. 

Do I bake cookies?  Sometimes.  I haven't done so in several years, but I'm thinking that next weekend I might make a batch or two of some family favorites.  Years ago I thought I had to bake 15 dozen of every variety ever invented, but decided that was a waste of time because the cookies were either eaten before I got the kitchen cleaned up (this is true, it actually happened) or the cookies sat there until New Years and then I threw them out.

This happy group has got the season all figured out - they just sit there and smile and watch the blinking lights on my tree!

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