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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Leaves on the pavement

November went by way to fast for me.  Just about every morning on the way to work I complained to myself that it was a beautiful November morning (my favorite month of the year) and I wouldn't have time to get out and enjoy the day.  Now it is December and the Christmas rush is gearing up.  I've really appreciated having an early Thanksgiving this year; it gave me a week to savor the days after Thanksgiving before rushing into Christmas.  It has been nice but I still felt that I missed out on November.

As I've posted before our fall color coincides with Thanksgiving and early December.  I've come to enjoy the combination of the two seasons; red bows with orange leaves are beautiful (add in a little yellow for accent and it's fabulous!).  Driving to church this morning it was a grey morning.  As I glanced down one of the side streets in the neighborhood I felt like it really was fall.  The sky was grey and the asphalt was grey.  But there on the asphalt were yellow and golden colored leaves scattered in groups up and down this street.  The trees overhead were various colors and completed the peaceful scene.  It started to mist a little, the finishing touch to a quick, beautiful glimpse of the season!

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