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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


My manager tried to get me to agree to take off on Christmas Eve day this year.  Our office is only open a half day and he was kindly trying to offer me some time off (I've worked enough lately and appreciated the offer).  But I declined and then told him that I actually enjoy working on Christmas Eve.  The morning will go by quickly and then I'll have the afternoon to get ready for the actual Eve.  It is usually a quiet day, everyone will be relaxed and in the holiday spirit.  There will be a different attitude in the office, a sense of what is to come will hang in the air.  Anticipation. 
After our conversation I thought about why I like Christmas Eve.  In a way I think I like the day before Christmas even better than the big day.  Maybe it is the anticipation thing, looking forward to the big day.  That reminded me that that is what Advent is all about, really.  Looking forward and preparing for the coming of Christ.
Monday night I dropped by Cameron's house for a short visit (actually I was dropping off a large present for his parents to store for me).  He was so cute, dressed in his little pajamas and ready for bed.  I asked him if he was ready for Christmas, and, with a big smile on his face, he replied yes.  I then asked him if he was excited, yes again he answered (me, too I replied!).  I asked him if he was being good so Santa would come.  He hesitated, but still smiling, nodded his head yes.  There was excitement on his face, in the big smile.  Anticipation.

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