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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How to improve your computer's performance

My laptop is almost 6 years old, and yes I probably will have to replace it eventually.  I have the wonderful XP that is not going to be supported in another year or so and I'm going to use that as an excuse for a new laptop!  However, this thing had gotten slower and slower and slower.  Often I will turn it on and just walk away for a while and let it churn.  I checked the other day and only had 3% free space.  I knew I had a lot of pictures on it that I needed to move off to the external hard drive.  But what I didn't realize was that I had quite a little collection of e-mails.  I deleted 724 e-mails in the first round of house cleaning and probably another 200 or so before I finished.  They were all tucked snugly into their little folders waiting for me to read.  However, most were ads that expired a year ago and I had just not bothered to delete them.  I had no idea that I had so many e-mails!  I still have about 200 to look through before I'm done.  And yes, this laptop is now running a lot faster!

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